About the Founder

As the founder and CEO of Witch House Public Relations, Robert Manulani Soares believes INTENTION is the most important when collaborating with brands, artists and organizations who are looking to build their platforms in purposeful ways. Robert has worked on major PR campaigns in New York City and has developed a holistic approach in working with clients. 

Robert has experience as a Public Relations Account Executive at Trent & Company, a global marketing communications firm in New York City, specializing in film, furniture, literature and healthy living brands. They are a former Senior Publicist at SparkPoint Studio LLC, a boutique agency that focuses on PR, branding and social media for authors, publishers and brands. Robert led SparkPoint Studio's first-ever New York expansion in Spring 2016. They have worked with traditional publishing houses including Amazon Publishing, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster, as well as hybrid presses She Writes Press and SparkPress. Robert has worked on PR campaigns for CNN, The EveryMan Project, Riot Bear, DJ Soda Pop, SheKnows Media, and more. 

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