Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour is a gender-fluid drag queen who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Velour won season 9 of the Emmy-winning reality TV competition, Rupaul’s Drag Race which was nominated for an additional 8 Emmys that same year. She has been called "A new American monarch,” by NPR. She produces and stars in the drag show “Nightgowns,” which has been called “[the] thinking queens drag show” (Time Out NY) and “a signature blend of thoughtful, politically-charged, emotional drag” (NEXT Magazine). She is also the creative force behind Velour: The Drag Magazine, a yearly publication about drag artists that has been called “unmistakably thoughtful…[with an] edgy, demure, and exacting aesthetic” (Bushwick Daily). Velour designs all of her own merchandise and products. Her illustration and comics have been published in QU33R, Posture, Cicada, InkBRICK, Suspect Device, and Comics Workbook Magazine. She recently created a Google Doodle of Marlene Dietrich.


The Illustrious Blacks

The Illustrious Blacks have arrived to save the world one beat at a time! Once upon a time in a galaxy not far away, there lived two kings. Each was the ruler of his own deliciously glorious planet. The first king, Manchildblack, was well known throughout the cosmos for his ethereal vocals, celestial sonics and earthy musical messages. The other king, Monstah Black, was a star in the solar system for his gravity defying performances, gender bending fashions and spacey disposition. One magical night, an inexplicable ultra-magnetic pull forced the two planets to collide. A technicolored explosion occurred, turning night into day, with a feast of aural and visual delights. It was then that the universe was changed forever. Manchildblack and Monstah Black united and became The Illustrious Blacks!


DJ Soda Pop

Haitian artist and in-demand New York City stylist DJ Soda Pop brings the power of music and fashion together. From spinning for brands like DVF and Rag & Bone, to queer and underground parties at ACME, the Museum of Sex, and Kinfolk, Sophia blends 90s hip hop with hot sonic house beats, while also adding in musical influences inspired by her Haitian roots. 


The EveryMan Project

The EveryMan Project (created by fashion photographer Tarik Carroll – The New York is a fashion-photo series challenging hyper-masculinity and sparking body-positive conversations in men's fashion, while celebrating cis and trans men of all backgrounds.

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Mercy Mistress

Mercy Mistress is a web series based on the memoirs of a Chinese-American Dominatrix in New York City. From the nucleus of one woman’s work, the show delves into power, capitalism, and sexuality with a spoonful of dark humor. Every relationship calls into question: Who is in control? Which side is the end of the leash? 


Riot Bear

By featuring looks modeled by men of all sizes, ethnicity, and age groups, Riot Bear is a necessary style guide for all men to feel good in what they wear—and for designers to remember the body pride movement is not just a passing trend, it’s here to stay.


Immaculate Wardrobe

Sophia Hyacinthe, Stylist & CEO of Immaculate Wardrobe, isn’t just changing what you wear, she’s changing the way you show up in the world. Sophia has built an incredible women’s styling business with over 13 years of styling experience, working with women CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, publishing industry powerhouses and girl bosses all over New York City.


Brian Falduto

Brian Falduto is a professional Actor and Singer-Songwriter with a history of work in Music, Film, TV, Stage, and Radio, best known for his role in School of Rock


The Mic Is Open

From working in studio sessions with Rick Ross and LL Cool J, to planning events for Elle Varner, Dabriel Fulton is no stranger to talent—which is why as the Founder of NYC talent showcase The Mic is Open, she brings the very best underground poets, singers, rappers, and comedians to the main stage. 

Ehlie Luna

Moxiie continues to breathe new life into the alternative, R&B and pop space, weaving both seamlessly into an infectious sound. The NYC based artist displays visceral songwriting ability, raw vulnerability and a sensual vibe all at once. Having developed a knack for writing catchy hooks, Moxiie still manages to push the limits, allowing her genre to be dictated by heart vs precedent.